Friday, December 03, 2010

Music and card games

Yesterday I was supposed to have a Tupperware party, but no one showed up except my friend Mel.

Not even the Tupperware lady herself.

This would be why I do not host parties of this sort. It never ends well.

So with a couple hours on my hands I decided to create my holiday music list and Mel & I talked about what to get ‘the kids’ for Xmas. We get gifts for one another’s kids plus another friend’s kids, making 7 children between the ages of 3 and 8. I’m getting the 3 year old a Melissa & Doug cupcake decorating toy & all the other kids get card games. I picked out a few like Slamwich & Wig Out.

Then it was onto the music.

I currently have almost 250 holiday songs. These include 8 versions of Silent Night, 5 of Away in a Manger and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and 3 to 4 versions of practically every thing else.

Why so many?

Well, my taste in holiday music varies from year to year. Some years I like beautiful, meaningfully sung music like this


Some years I like toe tapping celtic type music


And some years I want some head banging rock music


I seriously love my Twisted Sister Twisted Christmas album.

This year’s playlist is designed to get you moving. I want toe tapping & headbanging plus stuff you can just sway and dance to. I don’t want meaningful this year.

So far I have Barenaked Ladies, Blackmore’s Night, Run DMC, the Kinks, Casting Crows, Jars of Clay, Sting, Burl Ives (of course) and a bunch of people I have never heard of from an assortment of compilation albums online & off.

Mayhem was dancing his feet off last night to my favorite so far this year. I wish the flip video had been charged.


What sort of Christmas music are you listening to this year?


Andrea Chamberlain said...

OK - I have NEVER heard Twister Sister sing Christmas. NEVER.

And I can't believe I'm saying this but ... I liked it! Although the video creeped me out a little.

LosingBrownies said...

I hate parties like that because again no one shows to mine either. It's a waste of my time, especially with all the cleaning I have to do to prepare.

Rinda1961 said...

For get-moving, I like Bruce Springsteen's Santa Clause is coming to town. And the original A Very Special Christmas still has a very special place in my heart.

Kim W said...

No one ever shows to my parties either. It is quite a joke with my family by now!! ;)

Helena said...

I like the get moving music rather than the soulful - I still play the pop hits from my childhood like the glamrock bands Slade (merry christmas everyone and Mud (lonely this christmas and I love the Pogues (Fairytale of New York)

ridgely johnson said...

Look for my post next week on my grand standing at the Pampered Chef party- you will NOT believe it- ;-)

Beverly said...

not even the TUPPRTWARE LADY???!!!! wow, I'd probably have a few words for her @@ I'm not sure about my Christmas song inclination for this year just yet, our family doesn't really start getting Christmasy until the coming week :)

Comfy Mom said...

The video is creepy. Dee does not belong in holiday gear. But the album is great headbanging Christmas fun

Comfy Mom said...

I've got Bon Jovi's Please Come Home from that one, plus a couple from numbers 2 & 3

Helena said...

Whoa, awesome variety! I feel like I've been wasting my time on the generic "Christmas" station on Pandora. Who knew?

Jean said...

Seriously? The Tupperware lady didn't show?! That is classic.
Last year I bought Billy Idol's Christmas album. More mellow than I anticipated.
How is that Bare Naked Ladies Christmas album?

SciFi Dad said...

I once made a mix CD entirely of different versions of Carol of the Bells (I think the original is Wagner, but I'm not certain). My favourite was the Mr. Mackey from South Park rendition.

This year, the kids are really into the Barenaked Ladies holiday CD, and a sing-a-long one my wife had from when she was a teacher.

LosingBrownies said...

I hate parties like that because again no one shows to mine either. It's a waste of my time, especially with all the cleaning I have to do to prepare.