Sunday, December 05, 2010

Weekly Winners–vacation edition AGAIN

Some photos from our Thanksgiving week in Florida.

We went to the beach


beach (3 of 32)

And to an amusement park

King Richards (15 of 29)


And there was swimming


dinos (4 of 6)

These guys tried to get a tan

dinos (1 of 6)

And there was some fishing with Grandpa


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Jason said...

There are some great photos there - particularly like the ones of the dinosaurs sunbathing. That's the sort of thing I would have done when I was younger!

Sarah said...

I love the shot of the dinosaurs trying for a tan :)

Jen G. said...

ok, I am jealous!

Sarah said...

There is just something about the dinosaur in the pool. It just reeks of awesome :D

tara wesely said...


Denise said...

I LOL'd at the first one... and the sunning dinos, I hope they used sunscreen! ;)

SciFi Dad said...

Having just received (and shoveled) about 8in of snow in the last 12 hours, I will reserve comment about sandy beaches.

Terrie said...

so different from my week filled with snow and a weak sun. i'm just a little jealous! i love the cannonball into the pool

Carrie said...

Nice pics - looks like fun time! Always giggle at the Dinos! :)

Jean said...

What great photos! I'm most impressed with the roller coaster shot. Looks complicated.

Lizziemade said...

Lovely photos - looks like a great Thanksgiving break! No snow either - has to be a bonus, with the awful weather we've had recently. I could fancy trips to the beach and swimming right now - it's minus 3 outside today (minus 7 first thing...) Brr!