Friday, December 10, 2010

JYC layouts

I’m behind as usual, but not as behind as I could be.

I’m still waiting on some weather besides ‘cold’ for prompt 2, though I am inclined to start a layout for it because it doesn’t look like much else is coming our way anytime soon.

Prompt 4 is still hanging out there waiting for inspiration.

I had a great idea for prompt 6 last night, but failed to make a note of it and now can’t recall what it was.

My idea for prompt 9 requires input from the boys & getting them to focus on non-Pokemon things is a challenge, unless it’s Star Wars Monopoly, their new favorite game.

I’ve covered prompt 10 fairly well in my past 2 albums so I’m considering the other suggestions & have a half page done about how I procrastinate wrapping because I really don’t enjoy it.

But having done a page on how I don’t sent out cards because they stress me out I worry about this becoming a “Why I don’t like the holidays” album, so I am not sure about that page.

Here are two I have completed

Prompt 7


and prompt 8


I had to do a page about my beloved Star Wars ornaments. I have one in each of the previous albums as well. Fortunately I have enough of them they don’t seem repetitive…well, to me anyway.

And the progress on prompt 5



Rinda1961 said...

I love the pages you did - why not do a "Father Christmas" ornament page for the tradition prompt. I think I'm going to do a page on how much I like store-wrapped presents and photo the things I bought and had wrapped at William-

humel said...

Love your pages, wow! Especially the advent one :-) And the baking pics are making me hungry!!