Tuesday, December 07, 2010


It’s no secret that my very favorite part of Christmas is the tree & the best parts of the tree are the ornaments.

I LOVE my Christmas ornaments! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

If I thought I could get away with it I’d leave the tree up year round so I could see them all the time.

I don’t collect things really, apart from yarn - and Christmas ornaments.

And I only get to see my ornament collection one short time a year.

So I am positively giddy those first few days the tree is up, seeing them all out again, hanging from their branches.

Last year I wrote about the sentimental ones from the past, this year I am sharing my Star Wars & Father Christmas collections.

These are the Star Wars ornaments


9 full sized ornaments & 2 packs of 2 mini ornaments. I’ve been collecting them since they came out but there are some gaps in the years because the 3ft tree we had from 1999-2008 couldn’t hold their weight so I didn’t buy any. I’ve made up for that a bit last year & this year. We’re heavy on the good guys side now so next year I’ll be looking for Vader & the Death Star & maybe a Star Destoyer as well as a couple of whatever is new.

An all Star Wars tree before the boys move out is my ultimate goal.

Because some of these ornaments will go with them then.


Han and Boba Fett cannot let it go even during the holiday season.

Every morning I wake up and they are on a different place on the tree as if they are chasing one another around it.


The Falcon actually lights up! This surprised the heck out of us because…


The X-wing is supposed to light up and never has in 8 years.

I apparently did not get a shot of Luke’s speeder, but it keeps moving around as well.


This year we gained a snow speeder that makes actual sound! It plays dialogue from Empire before Dak gets killed.


Luke, from later in Empire, also joined us.


The princess seems a bit tired this year.


Possibly because she can’t escape her guard.

We also added some new smaller ornaments this year. Where were these when I only had a 3ft tree?


I had my usual problem getting toys to stand still. Rex insisted on swinging no matter what I did.


So did Yoda, but this looks like a cool sort of action shot, better than Rex anyway.


I did manage to get Boba Fett to be still & of course Han was no problem at all.

The other Hallmark ornament series I collect is the Father Christmas one. I have 4 of the 7.




and the new one


What is your favorite Christmas ornament?


SciFi Dad said...

This is quite easily your most polarizing post for me ever.

On the one hand, you have all the Star Wars ornaments (including not one, but two Boba Fetts) that I envy, and then you close out with CREEPY SANTAS!

(I have a thing with the evil wizard Santas... Santa should be in red velvet with white fur trim, and a jacket, not a cape. Just like in Santa Claus is Coming to Town with Fred Astaire's weird stop-motion mailman.)

Inselaeffchen said...

Wow, loving the Father Christmasses. Have to check on ebay now!! ;)

As for my favourite ornament ... huh... not too sure. There are a couple of them, and I think I'll post them

Inselaeffchen said...

whoops! ;) I think I'll post them on my blog soon.

Haven't read today's prompt yet - is it about ornaments?

Lizziemade said...

That's quite a fun collection, Stacey! Our boys like Star Wars too, though I've never seen S.W. Christmas ornaments here.
My favourite ornament? Hm...Perhaps the pretty opalescent glass tree baubles I bought on my first Christmas in my own little home. Perhaps the fab snow globe that plays music and stands proudly on our mantle-piece each year. Perhaps the paper ones I made myself, just because they're pretty. Or perhaps it's the little green card "lantern" that my DS made when he was little, which hangs on our tree and looks cute. Decisions.. I was never so great at those, but I know what I like!

LosingBrownies said...

I love the star wars ornaments! Those are awesome. My favorite is my new one. It is of two snow people holding a snow baby, in a blue blanket. It says "Proud New Parents" and 2010.

Carrie said...

Nice! Love the Father Christmas ornaments! Love them here too - love all the memories they bring.

Lena Gardner said...

How exciting! I've never been "into" ornament collecting but your excitement is contagious! I love it! :)

Darcy@SomewhatMuddledMusings said...

My boys are jealous over all of your Star Wars (did I just almost type elements?! LOL) ornaments. My favorites are some handmade ones my Mom did when I was small and we were poor. just some ric rac, beads and little wooden ornaments she painted red, and they mean the world to me now.

Lita said...

Love the star wars collection - must show hubs!

Sara said...

I don't have a favorite..persay. I like all of mine for different reasons. This is the first year where our tree is only covered with ornaments that have some story or meaning behind them. :)

Comfy Mom said...

Sorry you feel the Santas are creepy but I can totally understand.

Comfy Mom said...

I think we are a few days from that one. But I couldn't wait any longer. :)

Comfy Mom said...

I've called them elements too. I told the boys to be careful putting the elements on the tree when we were decorating it

Comfy Mom said...

I think this is the second I have managed that as well.

Comfy Mom said...

I love my kids' 1st Christmas ornaments as well. Especially since they both have little diaries in them to write down the day's events & gifts. I suck at remembering that stuff

DawnMarch said...

Love your ornaments! We collect a new ornament every time we go on vacation -- it doesn't have to be an official ornament, just something we can hang on the tree and that reminds us of the place we visited. It's so fun to take them out every year!

Rinda1961 said...

The yoda pix is fabulous! I have to admit I was surprised by the Father Christtmas collection.

Andrea Chamberlain said...

OMG - if my BIL could see those Star Wars ornaments?!? He would shit a brick - in a good way.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Father Christmas ones!

Lori, Martha Points said...

Ok, it took my brain a second to transition from Star Wars to Father Christmas.

I saw the first one and my brain said, "Wait, what character is that? Is that some sort of Stylized Ben Kenobi?"

Cause I am THAT much of a geek.