Friday, March 27, 2009

Book purge 09 – science fiction

Sitting cozily next to the 2 shelves of fantasy (and overflowing on to them) are the science fiction books (not including the works of Douglas Adams, which are in a special category all their own – Holy and UnPurgeable).

The scifi books were the victims of the hard core purge a few years ago. There were 183 then and only about 60 some books remain. I have 159 books tagged with sci fi in Library Thing, which makes me wonder what 20 or so books I have mis-tagged, either in the booklist or Library Thing. Possibly the Thomas Covenant series,…

pause while I consider matching up 183 books in Library Thing…no, not today.

I haven’t picked up one of these books since that purge. But I can’t quite let go of them. They are the products of my happy, prosperous, child free days in the late 90’s, when I was making lots of money in the phone business and chatting on Doctor Who email lists. I can’t give these books up! I know some of the authors!

well…’know them’ in the way you ‘know’ people who’s posts you read on an email list of several hundred people over the course of a couple of years. It’s not like I ever privately emailed or chatted with them, but my name is mentioned in one of the books. I get murdered along with dozens of others from the elist…


Ok,lets be ruthless about this.

Dr Who books

There are 8 Dr Who books I really enjoyed out of the 41 I still have. That gives me 33 books to be sold in 4 lots on ebay. I can group the Missing Adventures together, the Decalogues together, the 7th Doctor adventures from BBC Books together and the Dr Who New Adventure series together. I  used to have almost all of them published between 1994 and 2000 or thereabouts (about 100 books), but I got rid of most them in the previous purge.

stares quizzically at next group of books for a few moments, followed by a pause for some internet research

I thought I had the complete collection of Bernice Summerfield’s New Adventure series, but I only have 16 still. Now that I think about it I did get rid of the ones I didn’t like last time around.  Bummer. I could have gotten more for a complete set probably.  I enjoyed the Benny books a lot. I forgot about them though and I haven’t touched them since they were reshelved after last time. I probably ought to just sell them…

looks around at open spaces now starting to be visible on the shelves

I’m going to hold onto them for now. If space is still an issue when I am done with all the books, they can go. Otherwise I’ll keep them until the end of the year. If they aren’t reread by then they can go to a new & more deserving home.

touches remaining books fondly

No. I can’t get rid of the Star Wars books, not the dozen I have left. They all feature Han Solo and Han Solo is….well, he’s HAN SOLO.  I’ve been in love with the character (and Harrison Ford) since 1977. I’m not getting rid of the books. Plus a part of me hopes the boys will read these. These really are viable ‘boys might read them’ books.


At one point I had most of the Star Wars books published between 1994 or so and about 2001 (I had 36 of them), but they too went out in the great purge, except for these 12. Those hardback copies on my local library shelves? Those are mine. I know because they have my monogram in them.

Geez….when I think of all the money I spent on sci fi books in the 90’s…  many of the Star Wars ones in hardback, many of the Dr Who paperbacks bought from England at about $1.40 to the pound.

Plus shipping!

From England!

ah, to have money to burn like that…


Tracy said...

I think it is so great that you are able to purge that much! I am such a packrat!

Jennifer (Jennilyn) said...

I'll say it gosh you have a lot of books! And you purge every year? Once I get up the energy to purge, I love doing it.

Jenni Jiggety said...

My sister just started doing and she is loving it, but I guess that doesn't really help you purge so much as it would help you just have new books to store...