Thursday, March 26, 2009

A clean slate

This isn’t about books this time.

Yesterday I was feeling the beginning of a stomach virus coming on, the one that half my family has had in the past week. So I was laying in bed, idly browsing the web. I realized I had to log in everywhere I went, which is unusual. If I closed Firefox and reopened it, I had to relog in everywhere again.

My first thought was VIRUS so I ran Malwarebytes and searched the web. While cleaning up what I thought was the problem all my Firefox user data was deleted.  All of it – bookmarks, history, logins & passwords, add ons. GONE.

Not even system restore could bring it back.

So now I am rebuilding it all. I’m trying to be positive about this. There were an unworkable number of bookmarks, I had disabled several of the add ons. Everything that I used, I will miss and will find again, resulting in an easier to navigate set of bookmarks & less clutter. Nothing is gone forever from the interwebs


Seriously, I want to cry.

But it did take my mind off of the intestinal distress.


Too Many Hats said...

Wow, that is so tough. Great attitude though. Think of it as spring cleaning on your computer. Good luck.

ptooie said...

hrm... we had something similar, turned out to be caused by the anti-virus stuff: when I clicked to "repair" the issues it found, part of the repair included wiping out the cookies. Husband caught it after the 2nd time and taught me what to disable in the pages of checkboxes prior to selecting "repair"...
Good luck if you do indeed have the stomach thing- I'm in a fog due to sinus pain... which may be allergies... or just flat out sick. I dunno, but whatever it is I'm not a happy camper this week.

OldWestMom said...

Hmmmmm...praying to the porcelain god or the techie one? Tough call. I guess I would take 'puter issues over vomit, only because I HATE to throw up.

Hope you get it fixed!

Lola said...

I had my firefox bookmarks disappear too. I'm thinking it was caused by downloading a plug in for firefox. I went on their site, it told me to right click on the toolbar and check mark something, then close out firefox. They still didn't return, so I rebooted and walaah! They returned. I think the Entrebar plug in messed me up. Did you download or upgrade a firefox plug in? Sorry you had to go through all that. I completely freak out when I have problems.

Creative Junkie said...


seriously ... I'd rather vomit all day than deal with computer issues.

I'm sorry this happened, but I have to say, I admire your attitude.

Keeling said...

my firefox bookmarks have disappeared before too. if you search firefox's website for "restore bookmarks", it will step-by-step tell you how to restore them