Friday, March 13, 2009

update on the hair thing

Not too long ago I mention putting purple streaks in my hair. I did eventually go buy a highlight cap and proceeded to dye my hair.


The second time I made a point of pulling big clumps of hair through those holes.

You can kinda see the purple. If you are outside, in daylight and know what too look for, or if I am standing up close to a mirror in my bathroom under the lamp I can see a few purple hairs. But it is not photographable.

Problem is, my hair is medium brown. Noticeable color will require bleaching first and nothing on this earth will persuade me to bleach even a few dozen hairs.  I think if I went with the foil and bigger chunks of hair I might get a more noticeable result without bleaching. But that requires DH’s help, which means after 8:30pm and the stuff has to stay on 40 minutes so it’ll be after 9:30 before I can rinse it out and I go to bed at 10. I don’t like washing my hair in the evening.  Especially right before bed.  even if I blow it dry it still feels all damp on the pillow. We’ll see how the weekend plays out.  Maybe I’ll find some time Sunday.


I was checking my Woopra feed today, just out of curiosity, for things people searched to find me.  My favorite is “preserved fruit packaging” which I am fairly certain I have never mentioned or even used all three words together in a single post.

My other favorite is ‘middle manager’ which appears on a number of posts about Mayhem, who is a born middle manager.

The last is ‘stacey havoc’ which I assume is people who know me in real life trying to find my blog after forgetting the full name of it. Hi! 

Now I am going to go edit some photos for my weekly winner post Sunday. Be sure to check back. It’s a natur-iffic set this week


Aunt Becky said...

I have the same problem. I put streaks in my hair but I had to bleach it first. Which I'm considering doing again.

Jacinda said...

I had a horrible experience in my teens with home hairdye. My hair was supposed to turn out auburn, and it went bright purple. All over. Not my best moment. LOL.

Kresta said...

Hmm, I gotta see some pics of that if you get to do it this weekend. :) Your Woopra feed results are funny. :)

Jenni Jiggety said...

Do a little bleach spot underneath and see what you think! Do you know Julie from Journey to Family? She just did a cool purple streak in hers!

Too Many Hats said...

Bummer it did not work out well the first or second time. A chunk sounds like it will show up better even without bleaching. Good luck finding the time and hopefully the third time is the charm.

Daisy said...

I do not have the courage to dye my own hair. Ever since I bought a "color-enhancing" conditioner and the permed ends turned orange...okay, dumb purchase.