Friday, March 06, 2009

Pardon me while I ramble

Havoc has an ear infection. Safeway is doing some sort of promotional thing where new prescriptions are free. (not all prescriptions unfortunately, not the 3rd tier $50 on my insurance stuff, the maintenance type drugs, but the antibiotics are) So we got free amoxicillin for the kid. My cousin tells me her DD (age 11 I think) has become resistant to the cillins and the meds they give her for ear infections cost $120! (Somehow I don’t think Safeway includes that in the promo). Ye gods!

Havoc spend the day laying around watching Return of Jedi, playing Lego Star Wars and pretending he was a Jedi. Don’t get me wrong, I love Star Wars, but it’s been non-stop Star Wars in this house since early January & I’m ready to go back to the Thomas or dino obsessions of last year. Mayhem is so into that Lego Star Wars game. He’ll sit in front of it for hours if we let him. There was much wailing & gnashing of teeth when he first went through the levels but after 6 weeks of playing an hour or so a day every day he’s very good at it and fixed on unlocking all the characters and gathering all the items.  He is also obsessed with the Lego catalog we received a couple months ago.  The back half of it is devoted to Lego Star Wars items – they have the coolest Death Star & Millenium Falcon (Both over $300), plus all the regular items.  He sits in the backseat whenever we go anywhere and just pours over the catalog. He looks at all the items, discusses the various parts & the people included and just how old he has to be to have them.

I have my kids convinced that age limits on games, moves, toys & TV shows are set in stone. That lego firetruck says ages 7-14, so while they comment on it, they also say “When we are 7 we can have that”. They want the Clone Wars Wii game but it is rated T “and we aren’t 13 yet mama”. I have no idea how the idea stuck in their mind originally. They were the ones to say “it says age 5 kids and I am only a 3 kid” and since I didn’t really want to buy whatever it was I agreed “That’s right, you have to be 5”. It was a handy way to control the regular toy requests. Now that they are in school they are meeting kids who’s families ignore those age ranges. “Garrett has this game and it’s plus 10. Can we get this game too?” Not sure how to handle that without saying “Well, Garrett’s family is WRONG” which I don’t truly believe anyway.  They never argued with the age range reason. “We’re not buying toys today.” though got me endless “Pweese? Pweese? I be good. pweese?”

Ah well, it was nice to have the power while it lasted.


ptooie said...

oh I hope I can pull off that age thing when the time comes. These days my 3yo goes around saying "and when I am 6 years old, then I can go to school!" Not sure where she got age 6 from, it's really 5 here.
We're currently battling ear infections too- older daughter has a double, I suspect younger daughter has at least 1 but we haven't gotten that confirmed yet.

The Mother said...

Moms lose LOTS of power when kids go to school.

Their teachers disagree with you.

Their friends moms don't care if they eat junk food.

All their friends have shoot-em-up games.

Get used to it.

Too Many Hats said...

My boys are the same way with those game ratings - not the Lego ones though. The games would crack me up. So we have E games galore - now they are both over 10 so we do have some 10+. Oldest is 13 and he has 2 T games - super smash brothers brawl and guitar hero - neither one is offensive or bloody, so the almost 12 year old is allowed to play it.

It was never something we the parents stressed, but young kids are literal and then it just stuck with them. I actually think it is a good thing.