Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Tribute – patient dental people

I was going to do a book related tribute because it’s all things books here until the purge is done, but I was sidetracked this morning by a couple of dental appointments.

Today was Mayhem’s first cleaning. He and Havoc had simultaneous appointments and DH came along so each boy would have some company.

Mayhem’s major concern about everything these days is “How long is this going to take?” said in an impatient tone. Anything that takes longer than about 10 seconds is too long.

And forget opening his mouth for anyone, to do anything but complain things are taking too long.

The hygienist was great though. She went through all the different tools she used, demonstrated them on his clenched closed teeth and gently coaxed him to open his mouth.

Over and over and over again. Every time she stopped doing something the teeth snapped shut and a whine about ‘how much longer’ escaped the barely open lips.

Repeat.  Three times.

I would have been issuing threats about Star Wars games & movies going away forever if he doesn’t keep his mouth open and stop whining. But I stayed out of it because she was dealing with it just fine.

Then the dentist came in, which annoyed Mayhem to no end because he thought he was finished. And he wanted nothing to do with that metal pointy thing the man was holding. But the dentist patiently persuaded Mayhem open his mouth & keep it open. He spotted to cavities & wanted to do xrays.

Again the hygienist was wonderful though I am sure Mayhem was thoroughly confused by the woman who had been insisting he “open up. open up big. show me how wide you can open your mouth” was now telling him “Bite down. close your mouth and bite down hard”. 2 xrays were eventually taken and 2 cavities confirmed.

Naturally these are on opposite sides of his mouth, needing 2 visits.

They are just a general dentistry office, they don’t do special pediatric things, papoose boards & nitrous, etc (bummer about the nitrous from my point of view too. I get really wigged out when I’m at the dentist but no one around here offers it). You hold still, you get a shot and then they drill. No one knows if Mayhem will hold still long enough for a filling but they are willing to give it a try. They have a pediatric dentist they recommend, which is an hour away from our house & of course costs more. We have no dental insurance. So I am hoping that these wonderfully patient people can manage to convince Mayhem to let the filling happen. If they can’t then I’ll call around to a few pediatric dental places I have seen in the phonebook and find out exactly what they do & how much it costs.

So here is to those wonderfully patient people who deal with wiggily & worried kids in such a calm way.


Too Many Hats said...

Yay for that dental office!!! Really makes it much easier when the professionals have patience.

My middle ds, now 13, has huge sensory issues, most of which he has overcome, except he has a very sensitive gag reflex and he HATES mint. So, a visit to the dentist is never fun - his cleaning takes twice as long as everyone elses. In fact, the hygenists must have an agreement to never have to do him twice in a row because he never has the same one the next time. I have gotten such looks from them all - not mean, just we didn't do anything to make him gag like that, kinda sorry looking. Thankfully he has never needed any real work done, not sure how that would go over even now at 13.

Good luck with the fillings.

HighQueen said...

I can't believe they don't do laughing gas! I was scared of that stuff till I finally got it, and after that I was just LOOKING for excuses to go back, lol. Hope you find somebody good!

Eve said...

Having a good dental office is really half the battle!

Creative Junkie said...

You are so lucky to have a patient dentist for the kids!

I was amazed at how well my kids did at the dentist, especially considering that their dentist is definitely NOT warm and fuzzy and I would not describe her as patient either. And she's a pediatric dentist too!

My youngest is better than my eldest. She just takes things in stride. My eldest tends to get stressed out a bit, but still ... not bad.