Monday, March 09, 2009

Trying to step up my kitchen

I tried to do some grocery shopping yesterday at Target but failed when the bulk of my available time was sucked up in a search for tablecloths, placemats & napkins. We swapped out the smaller trestle table that came with our breakfast nook, for the kitchen table we inherited from DH’s mom. The kids are now using full sized plates & silverware & that is taking up the space where we used to put food & condiments. The kitchen table is a 35 year old low budget,extendable table with 2 drop leaves. If I had the space, I could seat 14 at that table, but some of them would have to be outside because the kitchen just isn’t that big. In fact, with just one leaf up it is impossible to get to the seats against the wall without climbing over the side bench & once you are there you are trapped for the duration of the meal.

So we put Mayhem on that side.

Anyway, because it is a low budget 35 year old table it is full of scrapes & burn marks that can’t be sanded off, because it’s laminate & not that thick, so my ILs covered it with contact paper – several times. Fake wood contact paper, that has been peeling off in spots for at least the 6 years it has been in our possession (I’ve been using it as a craft table & have added my own nicks to it). I have no idea how to peel it off or a what to do with the table once I do because I am sure the adhesive itself will have done some damage or I will taking it off. So I figured I’d just toss a tablecloth over it and call it done.

I just wanted a wipe off plastic tablecloth with a fabric backing. Not the really cheap ones you use on picnic tables & perhaps some color other than white. Then after about 30 minutes of wandering I just wanted a tablecloth, any tablecloth. I could not find tablecloths in Target. My first thought was too look in the kitchen area because they have plates & glasses & dishtowels so tablecloths & napkins seemed a natural fit. But no. So I wandered around towels & bedding, reasoning that perhaps all the fabrics were kept together (though why dishtowels were not was beyond me).  Up and down the aisles I went. Looking at the posted signs. Rugs, curtains, towels, sheets, comforters, aprons, more dishtowels (on sale this time) but no tablecloths. I finally found them, hanging on a facing wall, disguised as hand towels and single pack bed sheets, which they were packaged like and hanging next to.

$20 for 4 napkins? Really? The tablecloths were reasonably priced but they were almost all cloth and mostly round. Target has gone back to the 70’s in their kitchen color scheme.  Had I wanted burnt orange or olive green or umber or goldenrod I’d have been in luck (though I am sure the color names are updated these days) My kitchen is white with some purple and dark green touches, medium wood and blue grey slate. Burnt orange only works in October, if it has pumpkins & black cats with it.

After a full 10 minutes of looking at every.single.package.there. I did find a plastic topped cream/green patterned tablecloth of appropriate size & shape and quite out of the blue discovered a 12 pack of white cloth napkins for 8.99 in the clock aisle while headed toward groceries.

The DH called & said “I’m 10 minutes from Arbys." (which is where we were meeting for dinner. He’d been at a gun show). So I had to go check out with the 6 things I did find and now i have to go back and get the actual food today.

I think I’ll go to Wal-Mart. I know where things are there


Monique said...

LOL, sorry you didn't get any food... but it sounds like you finally (after much searching) found the table cloth at least! Good luck at Walmart!

Too Many Hats said...

We had a hand-me-down drop leaf table and I just loved it - so versatile and easy - No storing those leaves. We now have a regular have to store the leaves table, but the leaves just stay in ALL the time - with 5 of use there everyday, plus company 2 or more times a week, it just is not worth contracting and expanding all the time.

When the summer stuff comes in full swing, I bet there will be alot more of those types of table clothes to choose from. I actually need a couple for the patio.

Wookies Mama said...

If you ever want to get the contact paper off, try goo gone. Maybe it's not so bad underneath it all, or maybe there is a way to refinish it.

I haven't looked for tablecloths and napkins before at Target. I would've looked in the same spots you did.
mmm, the Arbys sounds good!
Good luck at Walmart . . . at the Walmarts near us, everyone needs luck heading into them!

Azrood said...

LOL! That's exactly why I never shop outside of my comfort stores (you know, the ones where I have every isle memorized!).

Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! Sorry about your shopping experience...but thanks for the giggle!

Jennifer (Jennilyn) said...

LOL Don't you hate that? It's annoying when they don't put things where you'd think they are! I've never been to a Target, but I know where things are in WalMart. :)

Jennifer said...

I've had a really rough time finding those tablecloths at Target too. I did find one fairly plain and expensive red one. In the end, I get most of my vinyl tablecloths at Meijer. They have a large, seasonal selection for very reasonable prices.

Honestly, the Target one cost 5 times as much ($15 vs. $3) but the cheaper ones from Meijer have held up a lot better to daily wear.

Kresta said...

Gotta love hand-me-downs!

Dawn said...

oh man what an ordeal! I need to get a new table cloth for our table as well and I am not looking forward to it! I hope your next shopping expedition goes smoother.

Eve said...

lol yikes! Do you have an IKEA near by, I'd try there, they have great deals on napkins and stuff!