Monday, March 02, 2009

so much for that plan

I woke up to this


It’s about 4-5 inches and school, naturally, has been cancelled.

There go my plans for today. I had a full day planned too.

Get Havoc on the bus

Go to the gym

Take a shower

Get Mayhem on the bus

Photo document putting purple streaks in my hair for a Tuesday Tribute tomorrow (I’m sure I am not the only one who arranges the blog fodder opportunities in her life to coincide with appropriate memes)

Sweep & mop the house

Sew a padded cover for my camera strap & work out a pattern for a camera cozy (I love my Crumpler bucket but it’s just too big for about half my purses. I need something snug but not bulky, more to protect from scratching than impact)

Get caught up on blog reading

Now the only thing I am likely to manage is ‘take a shower’. The roads are probably fine at this point but body pump was cancelled & I don’t feel like making the effort just to run on the treadmill.  Hair coloring is impossible (boys wanting to touch the dye), sewing is more of a challenge than I am up for (constant interruptions), there is no point in sweeping & mopping when there are 2 people walking behind you scattering crumbs and juice splatters. Blog reading might happen in spurts though.

Havoc wants to shovel a path for the cats to get to their food bowl.  Mayhem is entirely uninterested in playing in the snow, but we might get a bit of sledding in after lunch, depending on how things go. 

Mostly though I expect there will be a great many 5 minute trips outside to justify endless requests for hot chocolate


Kresta said...

Sorry your day isn't going as planned. But I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Too Many Hats said...

Bummer! It sure is pretty though and I love hot chocolate. Maybe you could do your hair when daddy comes home and can occupy the boys.

Madge said...

my six year old stayed home from school three days last week! i was so ready for them to go back to school... not today..

although i'm still trying to get to the sewing machine...

Jenni Jiggety said...

We are snowed in here, too!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

We got snow in GA yesterday! First time since Jan.'02!!

Aunt Becky said...

We are not snowed in today and yet all that I planned? SO not done.

Monique said...

Sorry you couldn't do as planned, mother nature can really mess things up sometimes... lol. I hope you managed to find something good about today despite the changed plans!

Eve said...

Ugh, I love snow, but it's March..time for flowers and birds singing! Sorry all your plans got ruined. :(

Amanda said...

Sorry you got hit with the snow. It just missed us. I did my shopping since everyone else went the day before in preparation for the apocalypse - I mean snow.