Friday, November 06, 2009

Ah boys

My sons have reached that stage in their male development when most of their conversation and anything they deem funny involves the words fart, butt, poop, and underwear. (not trying to be sexist but I know no little girls who do this. This is just reality as I know it.)

It is so prevalent that the other day at the trunk or treat I actually uttered the immortal mom phrase:

“If I hear you mention your hind end one more time I am going to smack it.”

(for full effect imagine slight southern part hillbilly accent saying it. I don’t know why by I often go all hick when telling my kids off in public, especially in Wal Mart, though I sound standard American the rest of the time)

Mayhem’s favorite thing right now is to ask “What color is my underwear?” in a silly voice and then crack up laughing at himself. He rarely wears any so I guess that is the joke.

He also does not seem to understand the difference between knock knock joke and jokes of the ‘why did the chicken cross the road” type. This is a typical Mayhem joke:

Knock Knock.

Who’s there?


Underwear who?

Why did the underwear cross the road?

I don’t know, why?

To get away from the butt.

followed by hysterical laughter.

He used to understand the difference but about 18 months ago decided they were both funnier combined and we cannot get him to stop.

Havoc’s entire conversation revolves around farting and butts,  “who farted?”, “ew you farted”, “was that a fart?”, “this smells like farts.” “let’s kick the butt” “sit it on the butt” and variations, constantly.

Constantly. Really. To the point where I now send him to his room for saying it because I am so sick and tired of hearing it. It’s not the words themselves, though honestly, as a subject it does leave something to be desired, it’s the repetition. Substitute roses and fairies for fart & butt and I would still be totally over this self imposed conversational limitation of theirs.

The thing is…judging by the preteen, teen and adult males that I know…it isn’t going to end. Oh the topics will broaden to include sports, boobs and beer at some point, and no doubt they will be able to discourse on politics, paleontology and philosophy at will,  but you name me a male that doesn’t appreciate a good fart or underwear joke.

If you are visiting from Shimelle’s class, I tend to post before I see her daily prompt. This is actually inspired yesterday’s prompt


Too Many Hats said...

HAHAHA - yep, that's boys for you. As the good mom I am, I was the one to teach my boys how to armpit fart - yeah, not my best moment, but I really felt they needed to have that skill.

Lee said...

Laughing with you! I have two boys and two girls and I have to agree it's a testosterone thing! Right now the competition is how much of the alphabet can be said during a burp. Charming :)

(Lee - from Shimelle's class)

Creative Junkie said...

omg, this made me laugh!

I can tell you from the perspective of a mom of 2 girls ... all I ever hear from my eldest is OH MAN, HE IS HOT.

Not sure which is worse.

Margi said...

I laughed so hard! Thank you for the giggles and the reminder as to why I'm happy I have girls.

Photographing Mom said...

As a mom of seven boys, two grown, five at home, youngest is, it doesn't change when they get pre-teen, teens, or men. LOL

Thanks for the laughs and enjoy your boys. :o)

Anthea Goodman said...

I must have the *only* girl in the world who is just as obsessed by bodily humour as your boys are. Well, almost as much! Farts, boobs, bums, bits and pee seem to be in constant conversation! Mind you, it is mixed in with fairies, butterflies, twirling, skipping and all things pink and pretty. Enjoy your boys!

(Anthea - also from Shimelle's class)

Rosemary said...

What a great blog post, it made me laugh so much (with you of course) and reminded me of our son who is now grown up and still behaves like that sometimes!

Rosemary for Shimelles class

Meghann said...

Funny, funny post! My brother was exactly the same when he was little, and I was in a constant state of embarrassment by everything that came out of his mouth!

Anonymous said...

your post really made me chuckle I agree it's the repetition that drives you to distraction:)

Carol Z said...

my husband was laughing at a poop joke on his FB a few days ago. You're right. It truly never ends.

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a great post - definitely had me laughing out loud. And, yeah, the boys don't grow out of it. I used to love making the whole carpool of boys laugh simply by making an offcolor reference!

SciFi Dad said...

There's nothing wrong with a good fart joke. NOTHING.

Cheri said...

I have all girls - and yes, they went through the phase where farts were funny. Now as teens it is all about clothes, music, and boys. At least the bathroom humor was a passing thing.

Deb said...

love this! its so true about the male species, isn't it?! I live with 2... ds & dh, and somedays I just don't get their humor!

humel said...

I relate to this! Sadly, my The Girl is even worse than my The Boy. I think this is because she is The Tomboy. *sigh*

Maya said...

That's too funny! I have 2 girls (11 and 8) and 13 months old boy. I didn't realize so far what my future will bring. Thank for the warning! LOL

Tammy said...

I have three sons, 6 step-sons, two son-in-laws and grandsons. Let's just say I feel your pain. Now that they are all out of the house...the house is just a little too quiet. Enjoy

Tammy said...

I have three sons, 6 step-sons, two son-in-laws and grandsons. Let's just say I feel your pain. Now that they are all out of the house...the house is just a little too quiet. Enjoy