Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Sunday was beautiful! It was in the mid 70’s. DH went off for a few hours on his new ride with some of the guys and the boys and I raked leaves. With only one rake and one broom it took quite some time.


There were a lot of leaves. We made a huge pile. It’s about a 5 foot circle and 3 feet deep.


The boys took a long running start and leapt in


And threw leaves


Then the tree branch was noticed and I suggested jumping from it



Even these guys joined in the fun and we played Hunt the Dino in the leaves.


The stegosaurus thought it would be fun to stay hidden so Mayhem had to burrow through the whole pile looking for him


By the time the stegosaurus came out of hiding the sun was starting to set, so we piled the much flatter & more crushed leaves back up  and used them to mulch the nearby trees.

I’m glad we managed to get one day of playing with the leaves in this fall. It has been so wet & unpleasant on the weekends lately.


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

How fun. Our leaves never leave. Too hot.

Mary B said...

What a great set of photos love the way you have made them with shadows to lift them up off the page.
So glad you got a fun Autumn day before the rain sets in again

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

What a wonderful memory for them! I wish my daughter could jump in piles of leaves, but alas, we have no trees. Your photos are fantastic.

SciFi Dad said...

Great photos. Also? Good call on not risking the loss of a clone trooper in those leaves.

SarahLP said...

Love that enormous pile of leaves!! And how those dinos are enjoying the fun too!

Leah said...


Too Many Hats said...

Jealous. We don't get fall leaves here and that is one thing I feel my kids have missed out on - jumping and playing in the leaves.

Veronica Lee said...


Kathy M said...

Great pictues. Love the shot with the boy jumping into the pile.

WackyMummy said...

Our leaves have been too wet to play in (and we have lawn fleas... so gross). Great to have even a day for that. =)

SciFi Dad said...

Great photos. Also? Good call on not risking the loss of a clone trooper in those leaves.