Monday, November 30, 2009

Parenting fail

I had planned to do a post today about our trip home.

I had planned to go grocery shopping.

I had planned to trade in some of my used DS puzzle games at Gamestop

I had planned to go to the library & check out the last 3 Terry Pratchett books

I had planned to then drive out a bunch of long, winding roads to pick the dog up from the kennel.

Then I had planned I would come home, edit some photos, finish the laundry & maybe play whatever new game I had bought.

This was all planned at 8am. At 8:45, as I was gathering the last of my things for my errands the phone rang. It was the school.

Mayhem has lice.

Or maybe he had had lice. The nurse said she found dead ones & some eggs and thought I had been treating him for it over vacation. 

I’ve never encountered lice. Had no clue Mayhem had them. Couldn’t begin to guess where or when he got them.

She said to get some RID or other lice meds & I said “oh I’m on my way Wal Mart & I’ll add it to the list” and she says “Do you want us to check Havoc?” and I said yes please and that was the end of the conversation.

45 minutes later, while I am about halfway through my shopping I get another call from the school.

“Um, you are aware you need to come and pick Mayhem up aren’t you Ma’am?”

No. No I am not aware of that, which is why I am in Wal Mart, 45 minutes away from the school with a half full shopping cart.

I’d been thinking getting lice was like getting your knee bloodied- the school has to tell me about it but I just need to change the bandage when he gets home at 4.

Turns out lice is contagious.


Not that I didn’t know that. I did know it on an intellectual level. I just didn’t connect it to Mayhem not being allowed to stay in class.

Being the awesome parent that I am I decide to grab the rest of the stuff on my list and check out, rather than just grabbing the RID from the cart & hurrying over to the express lane. He’s already going to have waited 90 minutes by the time I get there, what is another 10 really? And we NEED milk & waffles and the way to the dog kennel goes no where near a grocery store.

I finish the groceries, skip everything else that I needed there, rush down to school, pick up Mayhem, hurry home, unload the groceries, and then Mayhem & I set off on the trek to the kennels, because you have to make an appointment to pick up the dog and if you are 15 minutes or more late they charge you for another day.

We get the dog, come home, treat Mayhem’s head, strip all the beds, because he was in every bed last night & this morning, start washing sheets in hot water, spray down the car seats and the sofa, chase down the dog who has gotten off her lead ALREADY and along the way realize Mayhem has been playing outside in the icy rain for about a half hour with me not realizing it was raining

I’m am just MADE of awesome today.

I’m waiting now for Havoc to get home so we can hurry off to tae kwon do where apparently they are practicing for some tournament that is going to cost $80 that I don’t have because it is Xmas and I need to buy gifts with that $80.

I suppose I actually *do* have it because I wasn’t able to spend it at Wal Mart today.

Then I think we’ll hit McDs on the way home because i have had no time to get anything in the slow cooker and it will be late when we get home, making it 3 straight days of fast food crap for dinner.

Mother of the Year, that’s me.


cate said...

here in Australia, schools aren't allowed to exclude children due to head lice - hope you get the problem sorted quickly! If you don't want to use all the chemicals, try using a hairdryer - it dries out the egg, and heat kills the live ones... you have to do it every day or so for a couple of weeks, but heat is much gentler than the chemicals!

Deana Birks said...

Around here lice gets so common each fall that they no longer send kids home because of it.

This is something that works great without those nasty poisons: put huge gobs of conditioner in the hair and leave it in as long as you can stand it (say, the length of a movie). Comb through with the thinnest comb you can get through (straight hair is easier in this respect than curly) Then rinse the hair in warm (as warm as the kid can stand) water and pour apple cider vinegar through the hair as a rinse.

Not only does it get rid of lice, but it leaves hair shinier and healthier than before.

Good luck! I dread the annual lice infestation -- we made it through this year but it made its rounds the last two years. Ugh.

Kim said...

don't feel bad, all kids get lice. It is just a rite of passage!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

We have enver had it, thank goodness, but we were just watching Arthur today and the episode was about Lice!

Good luck!

SciFi Dad said...

Unclean! Unclean!

I've never dealt with lice. When my nephew had it last year my wife FREAKED OUT. I still don't know what the big deal is; it's not like they carry dysentery or something.

Patois said...

Thanks for making my head itch beyond belief!

Too Many Hats said...

My youngest has had lice twice - the first time I was totally oblivious, but that taught me and now anytime anyone scratches their head, I am all over them. Good luck!

Lizzie said...

Poor you! It's such a pain when they pick up lice, but it's so common - eveyone's kids get them at some time. I even had them too, when I used to help in school.
The hair conditioner and combing method is much kinder to the hair than using chemicals. It's also cheaper.
Now that Mayhem has had them, I suggest you treat the rest of the family - or at least Havoc too. Then use the combing method at least once a week for a month. The life-cycle of headlice is 10 days, so if any eggs have survived and hatch, you should catch them before they have a chance to breed again.
It's so boring, but a necessary fact of life.
As SciFiDad says, they don't carry diseases. But they are a pain and they can cause/ worsen allergic skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema etc. Also uncomfortable for the child - they itch like crazy!
BTW a good way to kill the lice & eggs on non-washable items is to put them in a sealed bag in the freezer!

Carol said...

I love this post. You are totally AWESOME in my book. And I would have finished my grocery shopping too, yes ma'am I would! Good job!