Monday, November 09, 2009

Things to do

We’re heading on on vacation in 2 weeks and I have some goals I need to complete before then.

1. Confirm house sitter will be home from college when we leave & not 3 days later (the cats will starve & turn to catibalism if not fed for 3 days)

2. Get oil change etc for the car

3. Get annual exam etc for me

4. Transfer my blog to a new host & switch to Wordpress, which means getting my domain away from blogger when there is no means I can find to contact them. Or can a new host do that? Anyone?

5. Decide what I need and find a new host. Do I need 25 FTP accounts? or 50 external domains? 500 email addresses? I just want this blog to have threaded replies. Not run a store or go all Pioneer Woman. I’m happy with blogger otherwise but I’m willing to pay to respond to my commenters better. Host suggestions welcome.

6. Sort out clothing for trip

7. Find ‘surprise’ movie or DS game for boys. I always get them something for the trip down and then just when it’s all been going on too long for everyone I spring it on them.

8. Find audiobooks for the trip.

9. Work out meal plan for the next 2 weeks. The college student eats take out mostly so I need to clean the fridge & use up the leftovers.

10. Make list of all electronics being taken and all their various chargers & see about finding an all in one with exchangable tips.

so what do you have to do this week? And do you like your blog host, assuming it isn’t blogger?


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Can't help you on that one! I always thought when you went to a www from a blogspot, it was hosted by go least the domain??

Creative Junkie said...

I use wordpress, which I love. It has the ability for threaded comments.

For hosting, I use lunarpages - very reasonably priced.

SciFi Dad said...

Once you have migrated all your content to your new blog (if you're changing blogging platforms, I know Wordpress has a blogger importer), put a post at the top of this blog telling people to go to the new place (to catch anyone who disables the redirect I'm suggesting below).

Then, open your blogger template (for this blog) and add a redirect to your new site. Simple instructions for redirect can be found here:

Linda said...

hope you have a good trip! (Linda from Shimelles class)

Jennifer Wilson said...

Stacey -

I've used Dreamhost for a bazillion years and never had a problem. I have an annual plan that is $9.95 a month. It's certainly not the cheapest of the lot - but they're support has been fantastic (you know, real people that live in the US.)

Here's are a few links to detailed instructions on moving from Blogger to Wordpress:

Let me know if you need any help.

humel said...

Sorry, couldn't help a chuckle about the catibalism...! But can't help you with the blog hosting thing I'm afraid, I'm a new blogger x

Anonymous said...

That's quite a to do list and I do sympathise as I've been working through a similar size list myself.
We go on our holiday/vacation on Thursday!

Good luck getting everything done in time and hope you have a lovely time.

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

Wow, what a list! I blog at blogger, though, so I can't help you. I'm a classmate from Blogging for Scrapbookers.

Kim said...

I have a wonderful house sitter whose mother lives across the street. lol, mom makes sure the animals are taken care of....

Momstart said...

sounds like you have quite a bit to do today

Too Many Hats said...

The blog move would scare me, so lots of luck with that. This week is really an easy one for me - YAY!

Kathy M said...

Great list. I always have a similar one before we travel.

I've been using typepad for 4 years and love it. I do pay for it.

Lisa said...

Regarding #5: I love Squarespace. It's reasonably priced and incredibly easy to personalize, post and more -- including viewing in-depth stats! Give it a shot. And you can check out my site to see one very simple example:

Linda said...

hope you have a good trip! (Linda from Shimelles class)