Saturday, November 07, 2009

The timing is all wrong


These are bacon garlic cheese biscuits that turned out like bacon scented rocks.

I made them last week. Ordinarily when I am trying to work out a recipe variation like this I make them every couple days until I get it exactly as I want it.

But right now I am participating in a Skinny Jeans weight loss competition and biscuits 4 times a week are not on my meal plan. I’ve lost about 7lbs in 2 weeks & the only real change I’ve made to my life is to eat lower fat foods and less foods in general. I already exercise 4-5 times a week. Eating less is obviously the missing element in my diet plan. see evil dip

So bacon biscuits have to be perfected on Saturdays, which is my ‘free play’ day, as Mayhem puts it.

I have to get this done before Thanksgiving. We’ll be at my parents’ place for it and mom allows no one to help with the meal. It’s the traditional meal. Mom knows how to make it. No one can muck about putting oysters or sausage in the stuffing or making savory sweet potatoes. Supper is as it always has been at her house. If I want to get creative with the food I can do it when supper is at my house (I get creative with the phone when it is my turn. Side dishes are fun to play with, making the whole meal is not.)  My SIL is allowed to contribute an appetizer for her side of the family (she’s part Lebanese), if they are with us for dinner. The only area I’m allowed any scope at all is bread. Last time we were together for the holiday I made sweet corn bread, nice but bland. This time I thought I’d go with more flavor & texture.

I have a page of thoughts of things I want to try with the biscuits. At least 3 batches of testing depending on how it goes. Problem is a half batch is still a dozen biscuits.

I suppose I could try quartering it.


Mrs4444 said...

I'm not good at experimenting in the kitchen-I admire you. Way to go on the weightloss, and good luck with those biscuits around!! :)

Anonymous said...

Well they sound divine, and they look divine. I'm sure eventually they'll turn out perfectly. Just the thought is making my mouth water :-D

And well done on the weightloss!

Mary B said...

They look delicious and sound wonderful I can smell the bacon from here

Linda said...

Too bad my husband isn't anywhere near your place. Bacon garlic cheese....he could probably help you get rid of as many of these as you could make. :)

Gennifer said...

Darn it!

Angela2932 said...

The bisquits sound just daunting, but as far as weight loss goes, at least you didn't get the dessert assignment for Thanksgiving!

Beverly said...

We are having Baconfest II at our house Sunday and my 17 year old shared tonight that he and his girlfriend were making bacon biscuits...your photo makes me hungry :)