Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Some info from my previous post

A few people asked about the skin on my DS in my last post

This is my DS skin. Matrix Productions WraptorSkinz for the DS Lite.

I love these skins. They come in an assortment of colors & patterns, are relatively low cost, come on and off easily & leave no residue. They have them for an assortment of gaming systems & phones. I had several for my Razr phone when I had it. They don’t make any of those styles anymore apparently or I’d link you up. My favorite was very trippy. They don’t make a skin for my Pantech Matrix phone or I’d have one on it. When I some day get an iPhone though, it will be Wraptored.

I get paid not one darn cent for telling you this, I’m just sharing a product I am pleased with. Though if you should click on that link & buy that specific skin I do get some cents from Amazon. (insert legal jargon here)

Regarding my post on Monday…It is now Wednesday and I still have NOT had any ice cream. My parents have dinner early (which is apparently a law in Florida if you are over 65) and that throws off my snacking rhythm. And the little restaurant in their community is closed for remodeling so there is no quick walk to a peanut butter & chocolate waffle cone. I’m setting an alarm for 2:30 to remind me to go get some today.

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Too Many Hats said...

I'm going to check the skins out for my iPhone - thanks! Good luck getting that ice cream.