Thursday, June 22, 2006

10 things to do before I am 40

and I better work fast because I only have 13 months to do them in

1. BUY A NEW SOFA! (won't happen but it's nice to hope)
2. take ballroom dance classes with DH
3. clean out & reorganize my junk/sewing room (it will take me a year to do this)
4. lose the last 15lbs of baby weight (the baby is 2.5 years old)
5. brew mead
6. get another tattoo
7. think of 4 more things to do :)


Tink said...

Not easy trying to come with 10 is it? LOL. And you still have over a year to do them in.

Bethy said...

I love reading your posts! It saves me the effort of writing mine because I can just copy yours!!

I've been searching for the perfect tattoo design but can't find anything yet.

And I still say that a chainsaw to your new couch would be a most unfortunate "accident!"

heather said...

Start visualising that new couch - it WILL happen one day and I am looking forward to the bonfire pictures of the old one :) Love the dance lessons one - I would have NO hope of dragging my dh to any.

Judyy said...

Hey, that brewing mead thing sounds intriguing--love to hear more about it! I wonder if it would overpower the smell of cat pee? ;)

Glynis said...

Great classes would be fun, but it's only the women that ever seem to say if someone has figured out how to get their guy to go, they need to share!