Monday, June 19, 2006

What would have happened if I had stayed home?

Havoc would not have gone to vacation bible school. He cried a bit when I dropped him off but he did let me leave and he told me after that he had a good time, though he isn't too sure about going back tomorrow. It was his very first ever 'school' day.

I wouldn't have gone to the gym. This would be bad for my morale & my waistline.

I would not have gotten the photocopies done that I need for a project I am working on and today was the only time I could get them.

I wouldn't have gone to the library and therefor would have no new reading material until I had the time to try again. I've been trying to get to the library for over a week but the boys just can't remain calm long enough for me to browse.

Lastly, if i had remained home today I would have spent even more time in a house with a broken computer & feeling incredibly frustrated because of it. My computer is DEAD, officially & irretriveably dead, as of 12:45pm today. Though had I been home I woud have realized it about 8:30am. I am on my mom's ancient laptop that she gave to me a year ago when she got a new one. It is 6 years old & cannot run PSP. or just about anything else except Word, Excel & IE. So at least I can surf the web & I think it has an email program I cen use too. I don't have the money right now to buy the revved up laptop I want, but if I buy another bottom line PC, that will be $500 I'll have to resave toward a laptop. And I recently got a DVD writer, an secondary internal 200gig HD and 2MBs RAM for that PC (and no PC on the market uses that style RAM) so I am feeling a tad bit frustrated. But at least it has been 4 hours less frustration than it would have been.


loonyhiker said...

Oh No! My sympathies on the dead computer!!! Are you going to be able to get it fixed? Do you have some kind of service contract on repairs for it? I hope you can get something done with it!

Meg said...

OH NOOOOOOO!!! Everything else in your day sounded good until the end! No scrapbooking program???? Dump the backyard project and buy a computer!!

Okay, maybe not, but I hope you get it all worked out soon. Miserable!

Sandra said...

I am so sorry about your PC!!!!

Laura Lou said...

We have a computer repair place in the next community that sells refurbished computers. THey will also transfer all of your new attachments to the "new" computer. Maybe you could find such a repair shop near you. I know these guys do it for under $100.

heather said...

Oh that's bad news about your computer Stacey. At least some good things happened to balance it out, just a bit?

Karen said...

No Scrapbooking program!!!!
I had an interim computer for six months last year and it had no DVD (amongst other shortfalls) My PSE software was on DVD. I used a 90 day free trial from the Adobe site but when that ran out it took me over a month before I could get another solution in place.
I feel for you Sister!