Friday, June 09, 2006

are we there yet?

Are you where you thought you would be in life, when you graduated from high school? Are there dreams you had then that you still have now?

If you had told me, when I was 18, that in 20 years time I would be a SAHM to 2 toddlers, I would have laughed so hard I probably would have hyperventilated. Had you told me this 10 years ago I would have had the same reaction. Children were not in my plans. Which is not to say I actually *had* plans - I didn't really. I just knew I didn't want kids. I wanted to go to college & get a nice 9-5 office job, something interesting, possibly to do with creative writing/journalism, but I had no specific job in mind. I had an idea of being able to go away by myself, maybe teach English in Japan for awhile between finishing college & getting a real job. But nothing really concrete. I wanted to be comfortable, happy, have friends & enjoy my life. From that perspective I am where I thought I would be. It just never occured to me I might find all that with small children under foot. :)


heather said...

Kids weren't on my list either... until I got to 30. Must have heard that biological clock ticking!!

Glynis said...

Your post made me smile...I wasn't sure about the kid thing until a few years ago, now of course, I wouldn't do without them!

Tink said...

They change your life, but aren't they wonderful to have underfoot.