Thursday, June 22, 2006

the computer saga so far

There have been times in the past 3 days where I wished I was a complete newbieto computers. That I could just turn on a new one and be like "WOW This is so great". But I've been doing this a long time. And I have had my curent CPU for 3 years. It's been modified, tweeked and souped up. Slowly and over time. Now I am faced with making all those changes at once to my new computer & that is fairly overwhelming. Just the vast number of progams is daunting, never mind basics like what color my window bar is. Somthings I changed so long ago I forgot they had been changed. "Why is it telling me this?" "Why didn't it tell me this?" So I broke it down into manageable tasks

Tuesday - Make It Your Own
delete all the 'helpful' crap it comes with - google & yahoo toolbars, easy internet connection set up, free trials of earthlink, AOL, norton; plus most of the dozens of games. Strip it to basic, connect it to the network & transfer over my wndow scheme. begin long tedious copying of My Document and all that entails

Wednesday - Downloading & Reloading
I was stupid and in a hurry and rather than wait for the CD versions of software to arrive, I downloaded them. And cannot find the original downloads(some of them were months and months ago, they might have been burned to CDs but I can't find them). So I have go and download them again, plus updates & occasionally email tech support because the verision I paid for is no longer accessable and I am not buying the upgrade. Once all they are done then I have to reload everything I have the discs for & then download their upgrades. Setup Outlook & import everything into everything that can export my existing settings. (I love that PSP has workspaces you can save!)

Thursday - How Many USB Ports Do I Need? or Fun with Peripherals
All the externals must be sorted through & connected. Most especially my adored 19 inch flat screen monitor (because SIZE DOES MATTER). The monitor is the main reason I have been reluctant to change to a laptop. I am almost too fond of my monitor. I have it set up now as the top of the screen & the laptop as the bottom. I think this will work. But I have to sort through printer, keyboard, mouse,scanner, tablet, cords to Ipod, cameras, other random stuff that I am not sure what it is and printer isn't USB. Can you buy a 15 port USB hub?

Friday - What Did I Miss?
final tweeking & search for stuff I may have missed

Saturday - Actually Use the Thing!!!
maybe even scrap & get caught up on DSP & everyone's blogs

Sorry I haven't been to visit anyone lately. I will catch up soon though!

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Laura Lou said...

I understand your frustration, but look at the opportunity to get rid of a lot of "junk". I love getting new computers!