Friday, June 16, 2006

what do you consider a good party?

Since we were just writing about our teen years my first thought was a frat party! Good looking guys (for the most part), beer, drinking games, a band (or great DJ) and a theme that gets everyone to dress up in some goofy way. I was in a sorority in college (in an attempt to overcome my anti-socialness). We were the #1 party sorority at the #1 party college in the nation. If there was a party going on the AOII girls were there in force! TGIF parties started at noon on Fridays. When the weather was nice all the houses on frat hill would have cookouts and we'd hop from house to house and then nap in the early evening, get up and go to the evening parties. Football Saturdays were one long party, starting with a Wake Up (screwdrivers, bloody mary's or regular OJ & donuts), then the tailgate, the game, a nap & meal then the evening bar hoping (the whole strip was one big party if we won). Just remembering it makes me happy! I had SUCH a good time the first 3 years I was a sorority girl. (4th year kinda sucked on a lot of levels). Hearing Rock Lobster brings back such strong memories I have to pretty much stop what I am doing & relive them. God, I loved college! (i earned 2 degrees almost in spite of myself)

Nowadays a good party involves good friends, some new acquaintances, good food & drink and some games - trivial pursuit, croquet, various dice & card games. On site babysitting is nice too when you can get it. I also LOVE murder mystery parties - friends, food, a game and dressing up in costume (some things don't change much) I haven't been to one since the boys were born but I am thinking of hostin gone if I can arrange some babysitting.


heather said...

OH Rock Lobster yeah!! We used to dance to that one at our school dances and sing as loudly as possible! Sounds like you had some serious fun at college, I missed all that as a *mature* student. I've never been to a murder mystery, sounds interesting but I'm a dead loss at Trivial Pursuit.

Glynis said...

I've never been to a murder mystery party, but they sound like fun...and babysitting is a must!!

loonyhiker said...

I've never been to a murder mystery party either. I wish I knew someone who would host one so I can see what it is like! It sounds pretty interesting.